Internet of Things X – the landmark event for IoT

With over 23 billion connected devices and that number set to more than double over the next few years, enterprises in all verticals are seeing the huge opportunities to their business by harnessing IoT technology. The event is tailor made for the technology leader who is keen to understand the very latest capabilities of IoT solutions along with learning from some of the world’s most influential IoT thinkers.

What is Internet of Things X?

Manufacturing, Industry & Supply Chain

In the age of digital transformation, the manufacturing industry is the market where most industrial IoT projects are realised. Offering rapid return through increases in efficiency, automation and customer-centricity, this makes IoT critical for competitive advantage and attending Internet of Things X crucial. 

Smart Cities & Buildings

Smart cities will define humanity’s future by creating safer and more efficient cities that will transform our lives. By integrating infrastructure, buildings and services with IoT solutions, the cities we live in will be able to communicate with themselves, track and respond to the movement of its residents, and automatically optimise conditions. Internet of Things X puts the solutions on the market and the leading industry figures together in one place. 

Energy & Utilities

There are limitless opportunities for IoT in the utilities and energy sector - more than installing sensors on equipment! Integrating platforms for the full IoT life cycle from data management, analytics, decision making and support provides a clearer understanding into energy usage & conservation, business intelligence, long-term equipment monitoring, predictive failures, maintenance and safety oversight. Hear from business leaders who are successfully practicing these opportunities at Internet of Things X. 

Platforms and Monitoring

In order to get value from the Internet of Things, it is important to work with a platform to create and manage applications, to run analytics, and to store and secure your data. Internet of Things X will give you access to world class expertise to help you gain a full understanding of the latest product landscape.


Protecting the company’s data in an expanding world of connected devices and data management is more important than ever and is why security is at the core of IoT, where there is high risk of personal data being stolen. Hackers gain access to data through internet-enabled devices that includes everything from office alarm systems, heating systems, self-ordering vending machines, Amazon's Alexa to videoconferencing and smart desks! Learn from your industry peers on the best way to avoid the latest hacking techniques at Internet of Things X. 

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