Blockchain is no longer tomorrow’s future, it is here today!

In a recent Gartner survey within the logistics industry over 60% of respondents said they found blockchain interesting but didn’t know what to do with it. Understanding the opportunities and applications of blockchain is at the core of Blockchain X. 

What is Blockchain X

Blockchain 101

You may have heard of Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency or Ethereum, but did you know blockchain drives them all? It’s the technology that improves the efficiency and reliability of transactions and exchange of data as a ‘decentralised, distributed and incorruptible digital ledger’. Still need more clarity? Join us to learn more at Blockchain X, discover how it works and what the applications for the enterprise are now and in the future. 


The performance between decentralised transactions differ from one to another due to increases in security, interoperability and inclusiveness. The performance varies so analysis performance in blockchain-based systems is a key area of focus and development and Blockchain X helps to explore performance further. 


The resilience in blockchain lies in the back-up of transactional data where it’s copied hundreds or even thousands of times at different locations across the world, not just the city it was made in like London or Singapore but where other people are participating in the blockchain in that market. Blockchain X brings together professionals from around the industry who have international experience and can demonstrate the resilience within blockchain platforms. 


Businesses are already increasing the efficiency, security, and transparency of their brands by integrating blockchain technology into their existing production and shipping processes. It’s important to connect blockchain to various systems such as ERP, CRM and other back-end legacy systems to allow a seamless customer transaction. Discover best practices at Blockchain X from leading early adopters of this technology. 


The number of blockchain platforms are increasing by the day, and you can discover leading platforms at Blockchain X. 

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